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Subito dopo la guerra
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Gideon Samet su Ha'aretz:

[...] In a way that is still unclear to this government, the war, like many in history, is also a special opportunity for a new diplomatic move. Ehud Olmert understands that unilateral convergence has been hit with a crushing missile. [...] Nothing can be unilateral any longer. Not dealing with Hezbollah, not withdrawing from the West Bank, no boastful patter about Israel's power to arrange matters as it sees fit. The new age now forced on Israel is one of dialogue with those pulling the strings in the West as with our neighbors. [...] To many in Israel who in their minds have yet to take their finger off the trigger toward Lebanon, Gaza and the West Bank, it may seem surprising that this is the time to move to a completely different front. Now, after the mutual killing, circumstances are ripe for a wider Israeli assault in favor of serious negotiations with Hamas and the Palestinian administration. This is also the time to talk to Syria, or at least to take its pulse.
This is the right time to bring forth everything the Israeli genius can, despite its famed historic limitations, toward dialogue, clear bilateralism, arrangements, humanitarian sensitivity, a lowering of the repulsive macho tone that Olmert is not lacking. A crack has opened toward another age. Olmert and company will be courting our disaster if they do not move toward it with a firm step.

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