December 8th, 2005 by Elena

regali di natale

Non ne ho acquistato nemmeno uno, per ora.
Potessi scapperei in Svezia e li compererei –quasi– tutti in questo negozio.
Jul vuole dire Natale in svedese


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  1. mi fai un sacco ridere…a volte sei superorientale altre volte supernordica…sei una global-girl! Sei adattabile ad ogni temperatura, ad ogni luogo, acccogliente verso tutte le etnie. Sei bella comida, bella e buffa. E noi ti vogliamo bene. Bacioni alla biondina poliglotta e al signor giramondo.

  2. Hi, I’m searching for recipes for Amaretti Morbidi and it took me here! I ate them in Como and have missed them ever since. Tried to translate your recipe using my poor Italian knowledge, but some things I did not get. What is “farina bianca” and “fecola di patate”. I’m guessing the last one is potato starch, but have no idea about the white flour. Is it regular flour?
    Quite a coincidence that you have something written in Swedish this day, since I am Swedish. Are you going here for Christmas? I wish you a Varm and God Jul too!
    Thanx a lot!

  3. anche in norvegese Natale si dice jul…god jul è buon natale anche in norvegese. Hade. (arrivederci)

  4. mammina poliglotta!!

  5. ce, glad to meet you, I wish I would take the first flight to Sweden, but I’m afraid I can’t.
    I was writing that I’d love to make my Xmas shopping –it has still to be done, poor family they don’t know ^_^– at Granit’s. I like their style very much, nothing compared to the ultra fancy MUJI
    I will send to you the Amaretti recipe translated right now. Mind that bitter almonds can be poisoned for children, so we need to sort the right daily amount per children out. I mean, I ate amaretti since I was able to munch and I’m alive. Since I turned to the mother human group I became paranoid about food poisoning. Ciao

  6. 350 g sugar
    300 g almond without skin
    3 egg white
    1 tablespoon plain flour
    1 teaspoon potato starch
    lemon, salt
    bitter almond essence,
    powdered sugar.
    butter and flour for the oven tray (I always use backing paper).
    Ground really finely the almonds with a food processor, mind to add some sugar from the 350 gr you have in the recipe. This can be useful to absorb the almond oil that comes out.
    In a pan (the recipe tells that you need a copper pan, but I don’t have it ) beat the egg withe with a pinch of salt and some drops of lemon until you reach a dense, white foam.
    When you have this dense foam add the grounded almonds, sugar, plain flour and the potatoes starch (plain flour and potato starch should be without lumps, so you need a thin colander to break any lumps they have before adding ti the rest of the dough). Add now some bitter almond essence (in another recipe you need to use the real bitter almond, which is bit dangerous for children, but I don’t know the critical point of this amount, normally the essence is not natural, so we don’t have this problem, but, please, check it before. I know, I know, I’m paranoid).
    Blend well all together and in a buttered and flour dusted oven tray (you can use backing paper if you prefer) place little amount of the dough with some powdered sugar on top. Set apart for 4 to 5 hours.
    Preheat the oven 100

  7. Thank you very much for the translation! (replied to your email but send a thank you here too, just in case)
    Also thanx on the note on bitter almonds. They are quite poisonous, I think 3 bitter almonds are enough to actually kill a child (at least our health departement says so). It’s a good thing they taste so bad so no one would accidently take them for almonds

  8. You’re more than welcome and thanks for the bitter almonds critical amount information. You’re right, they taste so badly.
    Do email me again!

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